Release of Dumbino 0.2.0-alpha

Thursday, May 30, 2024, by Argann Argann

#Dumbino #Update

Hey everyone, it’s Argann, and today’s a big day!

First off, we just launched our page for Dumbino. This is awesome because we can finally stop sharing game versions with links that expire after two days.

And since we’re doing things right, we’re excited to share the public 0.2.0-alpha version of Dumbino in this brand-new playtest session!

🎮 Join the Playtest 🎮

This playtest is open to everyone and can only be played on a Windows computer. You can play with a keyboard and mouse or with a game controller, whatever you prefer!

To participate, just:

  • Click the “Download” button
  • If you want to donate to us, you can, but it’s totally optional
  • Unzip the downloaded file anywhere on your computer
  • Launch the game

Once you think you’ve got a good feel for it, we just ask that you fill out a quick survey (~2 minutes, anonymous) to let us know how your game session went.

➡➡ ⬅⬅

There’s no time limit to participate! You can fill out the survey after several game sessions or right after your first one. We’ll always try to take as much feedback into account as possible.

💸 Game Price 💸

Just like the first playtest we organized a few weeks ago, downloading this alpha version is completely free and has no in-game purchases. On our page, when you download the game, you can donate to us, but again,it’s totally optional.

The final version of the game, which will be released later, won’t be free, but it will offer a demo with a subset of the game’s features. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated about all that in due time!

🦟 Having Issues or Feedback? 🐛

If you encounter any problems with the game or have suggestions for improvements, you can message us in the “Community” section of our page or on our Discord server!

➡➡ ⬅⬅

That’s it, we put our hearts into this new version, and we really hope you enjoy it!