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Spirit Arena is out Now !

After four months of rough development, we are proud to announce that the little game-jam game made in 48 hours is now better than ever ! Spirit Arena is now out on Steam & ! Beat waves of enemies alone or with a friend in this colorful twin-stick shooter ! Beat all the achievements, […]

“Les Utopiales 2018” prized our game

“Les Utopiales” is a geek festival held once a year in Nantes. Science, literature, board games, video games and cinema are in the spotlight for 5 days at the Cité des Congrès. On this occasion, Utopiales organize every year a Game Jam: sixty creators meet for a weekend to create a mini-game on a given […]

Les Entrepreneuriales, the end !

Since October, Sweet Dreams Studio’s team has been participating in “Les Entrepreneuriales Pays de la Loire“, in order to structure its business creation project. This program, designed for students eager to measure themselves against entrepreneurship, has given us the opportunity to work with professionals and benefit from their advice. Thus our team was supervised by […]

Our Games

Spirit Arena

  As two sorcerers try to summon and tame powerful monsters from a secret realm, their experiment fails and leads waves of demons into our world. Strengthening their will, they decide to face this great threat and defeat the calamities that are now running free!   Gameplay Spirit Arena is a local two-player game. Each […]

Spirit Arena (Game Jam)

Download the game “Spirit Arena (Game Jam version)” Spirit Arena (Game Jam version) At the depth of a gloomy glade, two summoners engaged in an obscure ritual to summon monsters and spirits. But their experience has turned out badly, and our two wizards have to face the hordes who have turned against them. Use your […]

Murderwave Channel

MurderWave Channel ? MurderWave Channel is the product of 48hours of intense developing during the Global Game Jam 2018. This year’s theme was : “Transmision”. Therefore, we decided to create a duel game between two players, in which the transmission principle is represented by the gameplay : the two players swap roles every 20seconds. This […]