Sweet Dreams Studio

Our Games

Spirit Arena Available

Fight incoming waves of monsters with a friend! Control powerful wizards as you free 4 different worlds from the grasp of those evil beings. Unlock new content and take on the greatest challenges of Spirit Arena!

Fireflies on a Moonless Night TBA

One evening, the sun goes down to never rise again. At the dawn of this eternal night, the stars fall from the sky. In this context of poetic apocalypse, the player will have to light up his path and work with the other inhabitants to try to rebuild a more just world. What if a darker world is not necessarily a hopeless world?

Coming soon! Presskit

Our Team

After taking part in multiple Game Jams together, Etienne & Argann decided to give a shot at creating video games professionally. In 2018, backed up by Atlangames and IMT Atlantique, they create Sweet Dreams Studio. Quickly joined by François, and later by Maxime, they released their first game, Spirit Arena, after 4 months of production, as a way to improve their teamwork and their understanding of the market. Currently working on Fireflies on a Moonless Night, the team is on the lookout to find a reliable partner that would accompany the production of our soon-to-be best-seller 🔥🔥

Etienne CASSIN

Co-Founder & CEO

Graduate from the engineering school IMT Atlantique, I take care of all the administrative aspects of SDS. From time to time, I can even back up Argann with the development of the game.


Co-Founder & Lead Tech Developer

IT engineer for a couple of years, I'm here to create all the stuff that needs code to work! Websites, tools, apps... And of course, games!
I also help Etienne on the administrative aspect of the studio when I can't escape it.

François MAUXION

Artistic Director

Got a Artistic Director degree but I don't actually know how to use it. I'm here to give the game awesome, fanstastic, breathtaking, wonderful, ASTONISHING visuals! Or at least I try.


Game Designer

Severly addicted to coffee and grumblin', I have kind of randomly spawned into the video games industry. I'm in charge of the game design, which I love doing as long as I have my share of huge whiteboards!