We announce our next game: Fireflies on a Moonless Night!

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We announce our next game: Fireflies on a Moonless Night!

You probably already saw it if you follow us on our social media or on our official Discord server, the past few days we worked on a brand new game project. Today, we’re proud to announce it’s name: Fireflies on a Moonless Night!

After several months of work in order to ship and update Spirit Arena, we have decided to move forward and start a new game project.

When we created Sweet Dreams Studio, our ambition was to create games with a strong narrative by putting a lot of effort into the stories, the characters and the feelings. If you follow us since the beginning, maybe the name One Day to Remember evokes something to you. With Fireflies on a Moonless Night, we want to follow this path, in order to offer you a completely unique experience.

Project presentation

First, it’s important to say that the project is still in its early days. A lot of things will evolve, change, and maybe be removed in the next weeks or months.

In Fireflies on a Moonless Night you will cross magical worlds, controlling a small creature which is able to move and light up fireflies. These fireflies, by emitting light, will activate mechanisms and awake acolytes that will help you in your adventure.

In order to defeat all the traps and solve the puzzles, you’ll need to use game mechanics based on physics and light, but you will also need to use your own agility to progress in the different levels.

Where are we now?

Like I said, the project is still in its early days!

For the technical part, we already got the first versions of the movement and basic interactions systems. The first game mechanics are nearly done!

For the visual part, we got many things to show you!

First, the games will be in a 3D universe, in order to create great light effects and profound atmospheres. If, for now, we don’t have any level really done, we got some scenes that shows a glimpse of the universe atmosphere.

Maybe you’re going to ask us what the characters will look like ? We got the very first design of them for now: they are going to be 2D creatures, and will be fully integrated in the 3D universe. And of course, they will be colorful, happy and full of life !

We hope that, like us, you are impatient to discover the full universe of Fireflies on a Moonless Night and to follow the project! There is a lot of things to create and to think about in order to offer you a unique experience. If you want to know more, join us on our official Discord server, where we’re happy to discuss with you about the development of our game! We will unveil new facets of the project first on Discord, and even the first free prototypes!

Are you going to stop working on Spirit Arena ?

Of course not! Thanks to the black magic of management, we’re going to work in parallel on Fireflies on a Moonless Night and on the future updates of Spirit Arena!

By the way, it’s possible that we have some great announcements to make during 2020… Some will come very soon!

Discover now the new page about Fireflies on a Moonless Night!