Spirit Arena is out Now !

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Spirit Arena is out Now !

Main artwork for the game Spirit Arena

After four months of rough development, we are proud to announce that the little game-jam game made in 48 hours is now better than ever !

Spirit Arena is now out on Steam & !

Beat waves of enemies alone or with a friend in this colorful twin-stick shooter ! Beat all the achievements, unlock new arenas, new unique characters and new items that can help you in your quest ! Can you defeat all the foes that cross your road ? (Of course you can ! We believe in you !)

If you have participated in our open beta, you’re going to see that there is a lot of improvements, such as : new menus, a better game-design, but also more content !

We really want to improve our game, but we need you for that. If you encounter a bug, an error, or if you just want to tell you what you feel, you’re welcome on our official Discord !