MurderWave Channel – Global Game Jam 2018 !

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MurderWave Channel – Global Game Jam 2018 !

Global Game Jam 26-28 january 2018

During the weekend of January 26th to 28th, we took part in the Global Game Jam 2018. It is videogames creation event organized all around the world. Over 48 hours, we followed all the steps to produce a videogame. Organized by Atlangames at Nantes, we were hosted at Epitech and E-ArtSup‘s buildings.

The Global Game Jam was 10 years old this year, and for many of us, this participation was not the first. But it was our first time participating together as Sweet Dreams Studio.
The Game Jam begins on Friday evening. At this time, the rules, advice and theme are given. This year’s theme was : TRANSMISSION.
After that, we used the remaining of the evening to think about the basis of our game. Our best case scenario is to define our gameplay by night, in order to begin working on the code and the graphic designs on Saturday morning.

The atmosphere and cohesion of our group was excellent. We rapidly agreed on a multiplayer game. The concept of transmission in our game reveals itself through the gameplay : player 1 plays a character who has to survive while player 2 plays a drone aiming to kill him. Every 20 seconds, both players swap roles, but the existing traps remain in the arena, becoming a threat for the previous drone.

Time flied and it was Saturday evening in the blink of an eye. We had managed to get a prototype with no graphic design at that time. We reached the conclusion on Sunday by 16, with a playable game, with graphic designs and sounds.
Eventually, we were pretty proud about our work. The atmosphere during the Game Jam was, as usual, great and we had the opportunity to meet many people.


MurderWave Channel

A futuristic TV show displays two candidates fated to be executed during the show. In a retro style from the 80’s combined with a futuristic style, both convicted must fight against the mining drone of the reality show.

Gameplay :

Two players fight in an arena, every 20 seconds, both players swap roles. This is our concept of transmission.

The player 1 embodies a character who aims to survive. He can move left and right, go down and jump. He can collect unarmed traps in order to use them once he swap roles with the drone.
Fighting the character is the drone, embodied by player 2, which tries to slaughter him. It may arm traps in the arena, but he has to be careful, as those traps will turn agains him once he becomes the character.

The winner is the one controlling the drone at the time of death.


Play :

Come and discover the game at “Our games” and give us your feedbacks ! 🙂

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