Murderwave Channel

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Murderwave Channel

MurderWave Channel ?

MurderWave Channel is the product of 48hours of intense developing during the Global Game Jam 2018. This year’s theme was : “Transmision”. Therefore, we decided to create a duel game between two players, in which the transmission principle is represented by the gameplay : the two players swap roles every 20seconds. This is our first experience as Sweet Dreams Studio, and we are all very happy with the results ! Of course, let’s not forget that it is a minigame developer over only 48hours : nous are therefore very confident in our ability to develop games way more ambitious over bigger period of time !

Small story about the game

Well yeah, even though MurderWave Channel is quite the small game, our characters take place in a definite universe ! Thus, in an alternative reality where ethic is not really the main issue, the peoples sentenced to death are sent to an arena, in which they have to survive for as long as possible while a fighting drone assaults them. But this staging actually has another goal : getting has many viewers as possible on the TV show “MurderWave Channel” ! This channel gather the benefices of the executions, very popular among the programme’s audience. In order to get even more perverted, the fighting drone is actually controlled by another people sentenced to death, who may obtain a sentence remission if he manages to kill the target. However, after 20seconds, the two protagonists swap places, until one of them fately dies. Will you be vicious enough ?

That’s it about MurderWave Channel ! Please give us as many feedbacks as possible about this first production, we will gladly welcome them all !
Have fun !

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