Fireflies On A Moonless Night

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Fireflies On A Moonless Night

Embark on a fantastic adventure, and discover a grand and fascinating universe. On a moonless night, guide the fireflies through the darkness to find your sleeping friends. Immerse yourself in this sweet and luminous tale, where your friends will be so many stars that will help you to solve the puzzles on your way.

Poetry of nature

Go back to childhood through this immersive and highly sensitive world. Inspired by the smallest creatures of nature and breathtaking landscapes from the four corners of the earth, you will discover with each levels new surprises and hidden secrets.

Guided by light

In a moonless night, bring the light back with the fireflies that dot your path. Find them, guide them and bring them together to give the world its colors. And in moments of loneliness and doubt remember that the light is not far off, and your friends will be waiting for you.

A story in full creation

We are all eager to discover and share this universe with you, but at the moment we are only in the early stages of creation. There is still a lot of work to be completed, but we will share this adventure with you over the days. Find us on our discord where we will all discuss together around the creation of this game. You will discover some facets of the project in preview and will soon be able to participate in the first playtests of Fireflies on a Moonless Night!

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