Devlog #1

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Devlog #1

Welcome, and Happy New Year everyone! To start 2020 with some positive vibes, we have made the decision to regularly publish articles on our blog explaining the progress of the development of our various projects. These development logs, or Devlogs, will be posted several times a month on our site. Well, now let’s get to the heart of the subject!

Fireflies on a Moonless Night

A few days ago, we announced the name of the new project we are working on, Fireflies on a Moonless Night. Our first game, Spirit Arena, was released last September, so you can imagine that we are only at the beginning of the production of the second game.

To explain it a bit, it’s in this “pre-production” step that we define the whole “theoretical” aspect of the project: what is the message we want to get across? What is the visual or sound ambiance of the game? What are the game mechanics that we are going to develop? In short, the idea is to think about the whole project before the production phase.

But that doesn’t mean that we have nothing to show! The project is growing rapidly every day! But it’s important that you do not forget that, for the moment, everything that we are showing may or may not appear in the final game!

The main guidelines of the game are set, and the first game mechanics are coming gradually thanks to the great work of Maxime, our support in Game Design. His role within the team is to define all the “rules” of the game, to ensure that we create a real fun and entertaining work, while making sure to convey the messages that we want to transmit.

The artistic direction of the game begins to define itself more and more precisely, François (our artistic director) has already produced several concept arts of the world of the game, and we are thrilled to have some finished elements that can be used in the game, thanks to the hard work of Alizée, who recently came to support François.

For the technical part, it’s me, your faithful servant, Argann, who is in charge! I mainly worked on the preparation of the project, as well as on the development of tools that will serve us throughout the production phase. For example, I developed a fairly simple translation management tool, I prepared the project for integration with Steam, and I also developed tools that will be useful for us to create pretty cutscenes. Besides, I started to write an article that explains my whole process. It should be out in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Also, we would like to involve you even more in the development of this game. This is why we will put in place in the coming weeks prototype versions of the game, which you can test for free! We really want to give you the best possible gaming experience, so we’ll be counting on you to give us feedback once the first prototype is released! Please note: this is not an Early Access, a beta access or even an alpha. In these prototypes, you will generally only have access to one level which will not be present in the final game. So you can play it without being afraid of revealing the full experience!

Spirit Arena

For the development of future Spirit Arena updates, Etienne is in charge! He is also supported by Nicolas who is with us for the next few weeks. Their objectives are diverse: create new content, fix the few bugs that still exist, optimize the game and … Create a few more surprises that we cannot announce yet!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all on behalf of the team for the positive feedback you have given us for the Christmas update! We are pleased to see that we are moving in the right direction, and it is thanks to you!

And to conclude…

This is the end of this very first Devlog of this new year 2020! If this is not already the case, do not hesitate to join us on our Discord server in order to have the latest news in preview!